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The joy of knitting and crocheting starts with exceptional yarn that is beautiful and soft in your hands. It should always enrich your project.

Our Bellissimo and Fiddlesticks brands start by us working on the fibre and ply... Then we move onto the the colour selection. The process is long and intricate as we endeavour to produce beautiful yarn.

We visit European yarn fairs twice a year to see our long standing suppliers (who have also become our friends). Here we see all the new yarns and developments they have been planning. This is an exciting phase of getting to look at yarns that no one else has ever seen.

Once the yarn has been selected we have it sampled by our selected spinner to make sure the twist and fibre is correct. We knit a sample to know it meets our strict standards. 

Once we are happy we start selecting the colours from the library of the 1000's of colours we have on hand. The colours are then sent to be lab dipper as not all colours suit every yarn. This can be a long and slow process as we send colours back to be re-done to meet our high standard. Close enough is never good enough. 

We love developing magnificent yarns as much as you love to knit and crotchet. 

May your outstanding workmanship and our very much loved yarns create some outstanding pieces. Please enjoy your travels through our website and see the stockists who are always more than happy to assist you.